Upwork Secret Sauce: Proposals to Hiring

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2 min readJan 27, 2024

Are you getting tired from Upwork?
(Not getting your first client after doing the hours of work)

Don’t worry…?

Here’s a complete strategy that will help…:>
you to get the first client on Upwork!

Before knowing my secret strategy….✨
Let me tell you my story…
When I was a newbie on Upwork!

When I started, I took help from ChatGPT, to be honest…
My whole PROPOSAL was fully AI-generated…:(
and none of them won any clients…
then I thought that If I add 5% human touch
In the proposal… I get my first client 🤢
But the results were ZER0…!!!

I was like it’s all shit :(
But there was a TURNING POINT for me 🔥🔥🔥

When my FATHER motivated me, he said…
“Duaa! We belong to a religion…
In which hopelessness is a big SIN!
How can you be like that when you trust in a GOD
who can do WONDERS….!!!

That moment I spent days and nights on Upwork…
Send customized proposals on every job…
but I didn’t use GPT…
One night I won my first job” 🎊🎉🎊


That was MY STORY 💙

Coming to the strategy…..📌
➣ Apply to the job as a helper, not a seeker.
➣ Read the job carefully.
➣ Target the client’s need (DUKHTI-RAGH) 😂
➣ Share your experience and expertise (2–3 lines)
➣ Provide relevant work samples (1 or 2)
➣ Queries from clients related to jobs (1–2)
➣ Send proposals to the job that has max 5 to 10 proposals

That’s it.

If you need any assistance from me…
Message me, I will surely help you!

If the post is helpful and you already worked on Upwork…
Please share your strategies in the comments section…👇🏻👇🏻
that will help to the newbies! 💙



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