What Is YouTube & How Does Make Money From It?


YouTubers Are Earning $50K+/Month With Their Videos! Learn How To Start Making Money From YouTube Today!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Why Does it Make Sense to Monetize your Channel?

There are a number of reasons why monetizing your channel can be a good idea. Monetizing your channel can help you to generate revenue which can be used to reinvest back into your channel and create higher-quality content. Additionally, monetizing your channel can help to build a loyal audience by providing them with content that they appreciate and value.

How do Build a Loyal Audience?

Audiences are what makes content go viral and grow audiences. Whether it’s music videos, vlogs, or product reviews, audiences are at the forefront of any video. When doing a channel check-in, I noticed many channels that only get around 100 likes per video. That’s not good! These audiences are likely fans of the channel and don’t really care about the content. So How Should We Build an Audience?

Two Ways to Build an Audience:-

1. Find Your Niche

It’s great to make a music video and know exactly whom you want to target. But what if you’re making a food review video that appeals to everyone? You’ll never reach your full potential and have no loyal followers. When choosing a niche, try to think about who you would want to watch your videos. If your mom loves your cooking skills, she may enjoy watching your food reviews. Or maybe your best friend enjoys watching how cool your band gear looks. Do research on popular topics and find out who would be interested. Once you decide on a topic, it’s time to get started.

2. Targeted Marketing

When targeting your audience, focus on specific demographics. Is this video for men or women? Young adults or senior citizens? Males or females? There are tons of options and tools to help you narrow down the demographic. Here is a list of some of my favorites:

Include a call to action at the end of your video description (ex. Subscribe to our newsletter). And include a link to your website and social media pages.

You can use these strategies to build an engaged audience that cares about what you have to say.

How to Set Up your Account for the Success?

1. Create New Channel

First thing first, we need to create a channel. You can do this by clicking here. Once the page loads click on the green button “Create a channel” and follow the steps. Make sure that you name your channel something unique and catchy. If you are having trouble naming your channel, check out our article that covers how to find a cool Youtube username here.

2. Choose What Kind of Content You Want to Upload

Now that you have created a channel, you should decide if you would like to make videos about cannabis-related topics or not. There are many people who start making videos just because they enjoy doing it and end up getting views because of their creativity. However, it is always good to make sure that you are being truthful about the subject matter when making a video. Also, don’t forget to link back to your website.

3. Pick a Decent Theme For Your Channel

Next, you should pick a nice theme for your channel. We recommend choosing a simple theme that doesn’t look too fancy. A lot of channels use the same basic theme that looks really boring. Remember, you are the face of your channel, so if it looks bad then viewers won’t be interested in watching your videos. For ideas about themes, visit our blog post that explains how to choose a youtube theme here.

4. Write Useful Descriptions

Descriptions are extremely important for any type of marketing campaign. People watch videos mainly based on titles and descriptions. Your description should describe what the video is about and give a clear indication of what will happen in the video. It should clearly explain why someone would want to watch your video, and also tell them what they will learn at the end of the video. Be honest! Don’t try to oversell your video, or mislead anyone into thinking that the video will teach them how to live a perfect life. In fact, the best way to market yourself on Youtube is to stay true to yourself. Avoid using promotional words, and focus on explaining your topic in detail. This means that you shouldn’t say things like “I’m gonna teach you…”

5. Start Uploading Videos

Once you are done with writing descriptions and picking a theme, the last step is to actually upload your videos. Uploading your videos directly to your channel can take anywhere between 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the size of your video file. Make sure that you are uploading your videos at least once per week. If you upload videos regularly, then you will gain a significant number of subscribers within a few months.

How to Create High-Quality Content?

1. Start off by making sure your video is set at 1080p resolution. If you have less than 4K footage, consider cropping it to fit the display size. Make sure you use a high-quality microphone. You should do some research about different microphones before purchasing one.

2. Use a camera stabilizer if you plan to edit the video yourself. Otherwise, stick to using a tripod.

3. Be consistent with lighting. If possible, try to keep the same lighting throughout the entire video.

4. After recording, select a good file format. There are many options out there. Most of them are free and work well.

5. Don’t forget to add music tracks. Try to find something that matches what you want to say. Keep in mind that videos without background music tend to go longer than those with music. So choose wisely!

6. Add captions to your videos. In fact, 90% of the people who watch videos online don’t read the subtitles. So make sure they’re clear enough.

7. Write and publish regularly. Remember that it takes time for viewers to become subscribers. So if your goal is to get lots of views, you need to post content frequently.

8. Ask for feedback after publishing each video. This way, you can improve upon what went wrong.

9. When you’ve published several videos, share them with others. Offer them to your friends, family, coworkers, clients… anyone who might be interested in your topic.

10. Don’t stop learning. Stay updated on new trends in order to stay relevant.

11. Follow influencers in your niche. These channels will help increase traffic to your channel.

12. Experiment with the Features on YouTube. Create playlists, embed links, create surveys, etc.

13. Optimize your Channel. Do a Keyword Search on Google and Check for any errors. Also, take a look at the “suggestion tools” section on YouTube.

14. Set up a Call To Action (CTA) on your website.


In conclusion, building a successful YouTube channel takes dedication, creativity, and hard work. But once you figure out how to make your videos stand out, you could earn real money from them!

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